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When thinking about who budgets their money, you may imagine a nerdy, glasses-wearing individual typing in numbers on a supercomputer in a cold office. Or maybe your next door neighbor who hasn’t bought anything new since the ’70s and probably has a million dollar stash under his mattress pops into your mind.

Well, there indeed isn’t anything inspiring about either of them. Those people may seem a little tedious and mundane.

With these bullet journal budget ideas, you will find that tracking your money can be a creative and fun venture.  Say good-bye to boring budgets and say hello to an impressive bullet journal budget!


Bullet Journal Budget

How To Create a Budget: The Ultimate Guide

Clueless when it comes to setting up a budget and sticking to it? This guide to budgeting will help you figure out what you should be budgeting for and gives you no-brainer methods for tracking your monthly expenses.

With these beautiful bullet journal layouts, you can no longer use the excuse that budgeting is boring. With the bujo trend, chances are you are already keeping a journal so why not level 10 (from The Miracle Morning) all aspects of your life with a killer budget that looks amazing?

Want more bujo inspiration? Check out these beautiful ideas!

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