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Want to lose weight? There’s an app to help you to shed pounds.

Need to set goals? There is an app for keeping track of your habits.

Want to get out from under your pile of debt? Guess what? There’s an app for that too.

The Pay off Debt App was created by Jackie Beck who has paid off more than $140,000.

Over 53,000 people have used the app to pay down debt. It has also been featured in O the Oprah Magazine.

Check out how the app can help you.

Pay Off Debt App:  What It Can Do For You

In the personal finance community, there tend to be two popular methods in which to attack your debt. Avid Dave Ramsey fans opt for the Snowball Method while others prefer the Avalanche Method.

The Pay Off Debt app allows you to play around with your numbers to determine if one of these two methods is beneficial to your situation. The app is also flexible enough to allow you to create a personal plan of attack.


Additional Features


  • Shows starting balance and current balance for individual debts as well starting and current balance for all your combined debts.
  • Displays individualized time remaining until a debt is paid off.
  • Shows estimated debt-free date.
  • Turn on and off features to compare how long each method will take you to pay off your debts
  • View payment history for each debt
  • Increased security and privacy with password protection

How The Pay Off Debt App Works

Once you gather all your debts as instructed in  How To Get Out Of Debt: The Ultimate Guide, you will enter them into the app.

After you have your debts entered into the app you will set an amount you wish to pay towards each debt per month and in which order you want to pay them off.

Pay Off Debt then allows you to play around with the options while calculating the changes for you. This information will make choosing the right payment method for you simple.

The options are customizable to allow for life to happen and yet keep you on top of your debts while staying motivated to keep paying them off.

Don’t wait:  Download Pay Off Debt from the iTunes Store or on Google Play and start today!

Why You Should Be Using The Pay Off Debt App

Jackie Beck created the Pay Off Debt app with you in mind.

Jackie was buried in debt but has been debt free since 2012. She has been in your shoes and knows what it takes to become debt free.

What better person to create an app to help you on your journey to financial freedom?

What Others Are Saying About The Pay Off Debt App

“This is by far the best Debt App manager in the app store” 
            – Maurice Butler, customer

“Pay Off Debt is a simple and useful app if you are struggling to decide between different debt repayment methods or want to take a customized approach”
            – Richer by the Day

“Unique way of knowing exactly what you owe and how much is left to pay. No other app does this as smooth and perfect as this one. Lots of different features and customer service is great!”
            – J_019, customer

“After trying a different app to manage my finances, I switched to this one and love it. It shows your starting amount owed on each bill and the remaining amount after payments. It’s great to get motivated to pay off debt! “
            -Msgirl2001, customer

“I have tried a few debt apps and this by far is the best. Simple and easy. It’s perfect for anyone to help pay off debt.”
            -Angelia Hopkins, customer

“I’ve had this app for about 6 months now and it’s great – well worth the money. easy to use and beautiful.”
            -Reillypupe, customer

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