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Every weekend you lounge around the house.

You have opted to stay in because you are trying to save money and get out of debt.

You have come to terms with the fact that you will need to sacrifice to reach your financial goals.

No more weekend concerts with your girlfriends. No more expensive date nights with your husband and that family vacation will have to wait.

However, staring at the same four walls are starting to get to you. If you have kids, they are probably bouncing off the walls.

You may have started to wonder if all it takes to save money is worth it.

Well, just because you have sacrificed for your financial goals does not mean you have to miss out on some fun.

Check out these cheap activities you can enjoy while staying on track financially.

Cheap Things To Do This Weekend

1. Go to the park


Does your community have more than one park? Try exploring a park you haven’t been to before. You may find a hidden gem.

2. Watch the sunset


Grab a few of your favorite snacks, something good to drink, maybe a friend or two and watch the sunset. Or you can try watching the sunset solo while listening to your favorite playlist.

3. Go on a picnic


Throw together a meal that is easily transportable and get out of the house. Head to your favorite lake or national/state park for a picnic with your family or a friend you haven’t seen in a while. 

4. Play board games


Do you have a cupboard somewhere in the house where you stash all those board games you have received as gifts? Well, get one out and bust the boredom with some friendly competition.

5. Play card games


When was the last time you played a good game of rummy? Dig out a deck of cards from the kitchen junk drawer and challenge your husband to a game or teach your kids how to play.

6. Do a road rally with friends


A road rally is basically an adult version of a scavenger hunt in which you need to use a vehicle. Here are some great tips to organize one for you and your friends.

7. Go on a digital scavenger hunt


With a digital scavenger hunt, you won’t even need to leave the house. This is great if money is tight but you still want something fun to do. 

8. Throw a B.Y.O.E


Want to get your friends and family together and stay on budget? Invite people over and ask that they bring their own everything. Let them know you want to see them but on such short notice you don’t have everything on hand to host properly. 

9. Have a bonfire


Put the firepit in your backyard to use with a bonfire. Sit and relax under the stars while enjoying the soothing crackling of the fire. 

10. Go for ice cream


Have a craving for soft-serve ice cream? Grab yourself a cone for a buck at Mcdonalds. Or sample a new flavor at your local ice cream shop. 

11. Make a romantic dinner


See what extra ingredients you have on hand and throw together a romantic meal for you and your loved one. Add some special touches where you can. Dig out the candles and cloth napkins and pretty dishes.

12. Grill a new recipe


Been dying to try out a new recipe on your grill? Make a point to try it this weekend and share it with someone special.

13. Visit a museum or a zoo


Museums and zoos frequently have days in which they offer free admission. Check the calendar of the nearest museum or zoo to see if you can get in for free this weekend.

14. Scan old photos


Have a stack of photos that you would like to keep in a digital file? Take time this weekend to upload them all to your Google Drive account. This will give you peace of mind that your memories are safe.

15. Look for a free event on Eventbrite


Head on over to Eventbrite and enter your city into the search bar to find fun things to do in your area.

16. Host cooking challenge


Have friends or family that enjoy cooking? Channel your inner Gordon Ramsey and host a cooking challenge. You will make memories and enjoy great food!

17. Host a vision board + goal setting party


Accountability is a great way to stay on the path of reaching your goals so why not get a group of people together to create vision boards and set goals? 

18. Go rollerskating


Roller rinks still linger in a lot of communities. For a few bucks, you can enjoy an old school pastime and get a little exercise.

19. Take a personality test


Ever wondered what makes you tick and why? Take a Myers/Briggs personality test to discover all the facets of your personality.

20. Go to a drive-in movie


Experience a blast from the past and attend a drive-in movie. There are a few locations left that still offer this nostalgic entertainment. A quick Google search will reveal any in your area. 

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21. Find a podcast to listen to


Is there a new skill you’d like to learn or a topic you’d simply like to know more about? Find a podcast on the subject and make a regular habit of listening to it.

22. Create a capsule wardrobe


A capsule wardrobe can make your weekdays easier by having readily interchangeable outfits. Take a Sunday to put one together. Here is some inspiration to get you started.

23. Make a time capsule


Creating a time capsule can be a really fun family activity. Find tin box and have each family member add a little trinket or note to the box. Bury it somewhere in the backyard with a date set to dig it up in the future to reminisce. 

24. Bake cupcakes


Who doesn’t enjoy the sweet morsels a cupcake offers? Bake up a batch and indulge on your efforts.

25. People watch at the mall or park


Today in our society we are so busy we hardly ever notice others around us. People watch to learn more about the people you share your community with.

26. Visit local landmarks and historic places


We tend to overlook the neat places that are in our backyards with the mentality that the grass is greener elsewhere. So take time to look around where you live to find the historic treasures.

27. Go to a splash pad


Splash pads are a free and refreshing way to enjoy the warmer weather. Grab the kids and find one at your local city park.

28. Go to a dog park


Do you have a fur baby that could use some extra exercise and stimulation? Take them to the nearest dog park to chase tennis balls or meet some new fur friends.

29. Cheer on a local sports team


Go support your local high school, college, or farm team. You can find sporting events year-round to attend.

30. Visit a historic home in your area


Every town has that one house everyone talks about. Go visit the place or do some research to see if all the local lore is true.

31. Go antiquing or thrifting


Do you like looking for hidden treasures? Check out some antique or thrift shops. You may be able to find some items you can flip for a profit.

32. Attend an open house of your dream home


Are you dreaming of a new home? Take your visualizations to the next level by attending the open house of your dream home in the perfect neighborhood.

33. Have a water fight


Hook up the hose, attach the sprinkler, and grab some buckets! Run around carefree and have an epic water fight with the kids.

34. Fly a kite


You can find kites at Walmart for under $10. Challenge the kids to see who can fly their kite the highest and the longest.

35. Read a book


Track down that one book that has been on your reading list for years. Now take the time to sit down and enjoy it.

36. Take a nap


Naps were a nuisance when we are younger but as adults, they are entirely blissful. Go ahead and take a guilt-free nap.

37. Birdwatch


Suet feeders and blocks are a really inexpensive way to attract birds to your yard. Check out a birding guide from your local library to help you identify the feathered friends that come to visit.

38. Finish a project


If you don’t have a project around the house that has been left undone for too long you aren’t like most of us. Buckle down and get it done. You will feel so much better once it’s finished.

39. Perform a Random Act of Kindness


Putting a smile on someone’s face for no other reason than that you can is priceless. Try these Random Acts of Kindness ideas this weekend. 

40. Teach your kids something


Did you learn a favorite recipe from your grandma? Take the time to pass on the family treasure to your kids. Or you could take the time to share a favorite sport or hobby with your child.

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41. Be a tourist in your own community


If you were to look at your city from the eyes of a tourist where would you go? Take note of how your perspective changes by looking through a different lens.

42. Organize a neighborhood clean-up


Is your yard a little neglected? Have a few things cluttering the garage that you could get rid of? You could organize a clean-up with your neighbors. You could offer to mow or trim hedges in exchange for using the neighbors truck to haul unwanted items to donation sites or to the dump.

43. Go to a farmer’s market


If you like organic produce at a really decent price, you may find the farmers market to be an ideal place to shop. Markets are also a treasure trove of unique handmade items.

44. Pick strawberries


Find a strawberry patch in your area and go pick a couple of buckets full. Take your bounty home and make some simple freezer jam to enjoy throughout the summer months.

45. Bake a pie


Perhaps you have some leftover strawberries from #44 that you could throw into a strawberry and rhubarb pie. Or if apple pie is your favorite, go that route.

46. Help at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter


Organizations that help the poor rely heavily on volunteers and donations. You could volunteer your time to a shelter or find out if there are some supplies they are in need of that you could donate.

47. Have the neighbors over for dinner


Been a while since you caught up with your neighbors? Invite them over for a nice meal and catch up.

48. Go fishing


Grab the fishing poles out of the garage, dig up some worms in the backyard, and head to the nearest fishing hole. Catch and release or bring home supper. 

49. Go to the beach


The beach offers a lot of free things to do. You could comb the beach for unique shells or rocks. Go on a romantic walk with a loved one or build a towering sand castle with your kids.

50. Go to the library


Going to the library isn’t just for the avid reader. You can find DVDs to check out or scour old newspapers for clippings on family members to add to your family tree.

51. Have a movie marathon


Fan of Lord of the Rings? Maybe Harry Potter? Hunker down for the day and binge watch a movie series. Don’t forget the popcorn.

52. Rearrange the furniture in your house


Move your couch to the other side of the living room or put your bed up against the other wall in your bedroom. Do something a little different with any of the furniture in your home to see if you can spruce things up.

53. Create a bucket list


Many of us get so bogged down with life in the midst of adulthood that we forget to dream. Change that this weekend by creating a bucket list of things you’d like to do or accomplish in your lifetime.

54. Do a jigsaw puzzle


When was the last time you put together a puzzle? Take some time to put one together. Studies show puzzles are great for the brain.

55. Volunteer to babysit


Know a mom in your neighborhood that could use a little break? Volunteer to babysit for her so she can get some R&R or go on a date with her hubby.

56. Clean out your closet


Follow the advice of Marie Kondo and declutter a section of your home. Chances are you have clothes in your closet you haven’t worn in 6 months or more that can find a new home

57. Watch for shooting stars


Grab a lawn chair and sit out on the porch to stargaze. Count the falling stars you witness and see how many constellations you can identify.

58. Go on a bike ride


Let your inner child come out and go on a bike ride. It’s great exercise and a fun way to explore your neighborhood from a different vantage point. You’d be surprised how many details are overlooked when you whiz by the same houses in a vehicle.

59. Take an online class


Remember that new skill you wanted to learn? Check out Open Culture for free online classes offered by colleges and universities around the country.

60. Write out a new life plan


This is a little like a bucket list but in a lot of ways, it’s different. Take the time to ponder where you would like your life to go. Are you on track or do you think you need to make some adjustments? Define your mission in life and make the needed changes that will make sure you accomplish your life’s purpose.



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61. Set 3 new goals


Do you want to lose weight? Pay off debt? Become a better friend or wife? Come up with 3 new goals that will challenge you to get outside of your comfort zone and really prosper.

62. Attend a community play


Many communities have arts programs that frequently put on performances. Search for those in your area and go to the one that piques your interest. 

63. Help someone in need


If there is an elderly lady in your town reach out and see if there is anything you could assist her with. Offer to pick up her groceries or prune her roses for her.  

64. Buy food for the homeless


Every time you go to the corner store there is always that one homeless person lingering about. Buy them a warm meal and some goodies they can munch on later. 

65. Go bowling


You don’t have to join your local bowling league but you could hit up the lanes for a couple of hours of weekend fun. Take the kids along, they’ll love it.

66. Go to some garage sales


Check the online classifieds for garage sales in your area. Check them out to see what sorts of fun items you can find.

67. Tour a fire or police station


Teach your kids about the locals that help keep them safe. Take them on a tour of the fire station and maybe they’ll get to test out the always fun fireman pole or get a ride in the trucks.

68. Visit a nursing home


Head to your local nursing home to visit someone you already know or adopt a grandparent. Many nursing facilities have programs that will match volunteers up with residents to foster new relationships.

69. Plant a garden


No matter what time of the year it is, you could start a garden. A little herb garden could add some life to your kitchen and a lot of flavor to your meals.

70. Go dancing


Check local listings to see if there is live music being played in the venues of your city. Get dressed up and go dance the night away.

71. Wander around a craft store and start a new project


Walk around your local craft store to find some inspiration for a new project. You could create some new artwork for your living room or start scrapbooking your photos.

72. Host a Minute To Win It party


We have all seen how ridiculously funny the gameshow is. Why not host your own party for some cheap laughs and good memories!

73. Write to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while


Do you have a college friend you haven’t chatted with in a long time? Or perhaps you had a mentor in your younger days that you have lost touch with? Sit down and hand-write a letter to get back in touch. 

74. Go out for coffee


Call up a friend, get a good book, or queue up your favorite podcast and sit and enjoy a simple coffee in the cafe of your choice.

75. Meal prep for the following week


If you have a busy week ahead of you, spend Sunday prepping your meals for the week. Meal prepping not only saves you time but it will also save you money. If you are new to meal planning check out this guide.


76. Catch the sunrise


Most people miss the beauty of the sunrise because they opt to sleep in. Experience the colorful spectacle by setting your alarm and then get a jumpstart to your day.

77. Roast marshmallows


Nothing says inexpensive fun like warm, gooey marshmallows. Depending what you have on hand you could try the marshmallows in one of these 20 different s’mores recipes.

78. Shoot hoops or play tennis


Dust off the basketball in the garage and shoot some hoops in the driveway. Or for a change of scenery find an outdoor basketball or tennis court at your neighborhood school or park. 

79. Workout


Make a vow to yourself to get healthier and go workout. Perhaps the bike path in your community has outdoor workout equipment you can use or find free workouts to do on YouTube.

80. Go for a walk


Grab your phone, activate the step tracker, and head outside. See if you can hit 10,000 steps for the day or beat an old step record.

81. Go for a drive


Get out into the countryside on a little drive. Take a new dirt road to see some different views. Don’t forget the camera. You never know what sorts of wildlife you will encounter.

82. Go geocaching


Yes, geocaching is still a thing. Check out Geocaching.com to find out how many caches are in your area and set out on an adventure.

83. Learn a new instrument


Remember that guitar you bought during your ‘I am gonna start a band’ phase? Dust it off and really learn to play it this time. You can find free lessons on YouTube to get you started.

84. Find live music, karaoke, or open mic night


Channel your inner Beyonce and find out where the music is. Dance and sing your heart out.

85. Find a group on Meetup


Meetup is a site that allows you to find people in your area with similar interests. Find out when the next meeting is and attend.

86. Check the community calendar for events


Inside the doorways of your local grocery store are usually free circulars that advertise community events. Grab one on your way out and see what interesting things there are to do this weekend.

87. Facebook Events – Discover Events


You have been invited to events on Facebook numerous times but you don’t have to wait for an invite. Under ‘Discover Events’ you can search what is going on around you to find something fun to do.